Steam page and demo

Hello everyone !

Quick post (but important) about dont_forget_me. 

We were at the Guerilla Collective at the end of June with two big announcements.

First, the Steam Page! It's available, woohoo!

You'll find it here and don't hesitate to add the game to your wishlist, it gives us a boost to get it back on the front page when the game is released.

And the second big announcement, related to the Guerrilla is that we found a partner with WINGS. We thank them for their trust in this project.

Last but not least, we put the demo on as well, so don't hesitate to try it out.

Don't forget to follow us on twitter and discord 

Thanks again for making all this possible!


dont_forget_me - 85 MB
Jul 17, 2020
dont_forget_me - 87 MB
Jul 17, 2020
dont_forget_me - 92 MB
Jul 17, 2020

Get Don't Forget Me (demo)

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